Windows Apps

Fuel Economy Tracker

Use our Fuel Economy Tracker to quickly calculate the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Just enter your distance travelled and fuel volume used for instant results.

Supports both metric and US imperial calculations. Results shown as;

  • Metric: km/Litre (kilometres per Litre) and Litres per 100km
  • Imperial: mpg (miles per Gallon) and Gallons per 100miles

GPS Accurate Speedometer

This is a *FREE* GPS Accurate Speedometer.

Utilising the accuracy of the global GPS satellite system you can check your current speed while traveling.

Displayed as an analogue dial with the choice of Miles/Kilometres per hour (changed via app settings).

You can also choose to disable the lock screen to allow the app to run for an unlimited time.

Charlie Sheen Soundboard

A winning soundboard application quoting the tiger blood king Charlie Sheen.

Choose play your favourite quote or have one played randomly.


Last Published: Tuesday, September 27, 2022